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Every organization loves productive, motivated, and healthy employees. But in the process to deliver their best, the employees mostly tend to neglect their health, which at a later stage, leads to serious issues. NutriFills’ food vending machine vows to do everything to reform your snacking habits.

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Why Choose Us

NutriFills is one of the best snacks vending machine suppliers in Bangalore we provide a wide range of healthier snacks, meals and packaged drinks. It helps the employees to save time from running for a snack break or lunch break which in turn it increases productivity. Having healthier food choices during the work hours can improve productivity, mood, and morale of the employees.

24x7 operational, pay and use vending machine

Variety of Healthy and Nutritious Food to choose from the Vending Machine

Every employee is benefitted, even the ones working on weekend

Complete ownership and operational process taken care off

Snacks and beverages are delivered in a clean, closed and specially customized van to keep the food fresh

A strict tab of the product stock and status (consumption, expiry, nutritional info, etc.)

Both cash and cashless systems for payment

End to end healthy solution to our clients

  • We offer relatively healthier food and beverages through our snack vending machines. Our offerings include baked snacks, biscuits, cookies, chocolates, protein bars, corn-based products, milk-based beverages, fruit juices, Indian snacks, etc. These food offerings are manufactured by reputed companies. These are typically priced between 10 to 40 INR, considering the convenience and affordability of a wider section of consumers. We are open to customizing the menu based on customer feedback.
  • We take care of the end-to-end solution, including vending machine ownership, maintenance, food replenishment, complaint resolution, etc. We are Bangalore based and we have a dedicated serving and technical team which will assist in all aspects of operations including replenishment and maintenance.
  • Users can pay and use the vending machine for their choice of food. Both cash and cashless payment options are available. For cashless services to work, reliable mobile network connectivity is needed. Machine dimensions are typically 3 feet (l)x 3 feet (d) x 6 feet (h). Works on 15/5A plug with stabilized single phase power.
  • The snack vending machine operates 24×7. Food is stored in a hygienic, safe, and temperature-controlled environment inside the machine. Ideal for those who work late or even work over the weekends, when typical food counters are not operational.



The limitation of vending machine is that it needs to be restocked frequently, and users cannot touch or experience the product until they purchase it. The vending machine can be stocked with limited items. If the usage of vending machines is more, then the stocks need to be refilled daily or the alternatives. 


Vending machines are used to store edible things that provide the convenience of buying healthy snacks or beverages without human intervention. Vending machines are also used because it serves edible items 24/7.  


Smart Vending Machine, Coffee Vending Machine, Snacks Vending Machine, Beverages, Soft Drink Vending Machine, Ready-to-eat instant food pack Vending Machine Frozen-Food Vending Machine, and many other vending machines are available that serves different purposes accordingly.

The advantage of vending machines is that they provide snacks and beverages 24/7 without needing other humans. The disadvantage of vending machine is that it needs to be restocked frequently as the capacity of the vending machine will be limited.  

The most common is the food and snack Vending Machine and Coffee Vending Machine.

Vending Machine needs to be restocked regularly, and the packages kept in the vending machine should be checked with expiry dates since the user cannot see or touch the product until they purchase it.  


The vending machines should be placed according to the convenience of the users. In office spaces, vending machines should be placed in the areas where employees take their leisure, have their snacks, or wherever it is accessible and noticeable easily. 

Vending Machines are primarily used in the retail sector and are also installed at airports, educational institutes, malls, supermarkets, metro and railway stations, and office spaces.  

Digital vending machines are also called smart vending machines that enable users to order and make payments digitally. 


Automatic vending machines do not ask for a third operator and provide snacks or beverages directly to the user through their automated system. They can be used 24/7 whenever needed without any time limitation.

Let's Bring a Healthy Habit Into Your Life !!

NurtiFills provide a healthy number of munching options to make your unhealthy life nutritious.