Different types of vending machines  

Different types of vending machines  

Vending machines are getting popular and continue to give users convenience and reliability. Public spaces like airports, bus stops, stations, corporate spaces, and vending machines serve the users 24/7, making the sources available without human intervention.  

Now let us know what different types of vending machines are used.  

Vending machines with different features are used according to the requirements. Temperature-controlling vending machines to other payment methods accepting vending machines are differentiated by their size, management system, a dispensing method, type of storage, etc.   Today let us know about the vending machines differentiated by the type of goods they supply.  

Beverages Vending Machine:  

Beverages Vending machines were the first vending machine, and they are widely used now. The most popular beverage vending machine is a coffee vending machine that is widely used in working spaces, hospitals, college canteens, corporate spaces etc.  

A beverage vending machine is also used for storing packed juice and water, tetra packs of other possible drinks chosen according to the buyer.  

Healthy Snack Vending Machine:  

Healthy snack vending machines are the popular vending machines widely being purchased and preferred by corporate and working spaces to serve employees and encourage healthy snacking. Healthy snack vending machines include low-fat cookies, protein bars, and health drinks that encourage employees to avoid junk.  

Also, since the health snack vending machines are in a convenient and easily accessible place, employees admire the health snack vending machine that gives health benefits with snacking and increases productivity, saving time at the same time.  

Packaged and Fresh Food Vending Machine  

Packed food vending machines are common in public places or commercial outlets that vend snacks and other packed foods. However, initially, packed foods with greater shelf life were supplied, but the advancement of technology has created convenience through temperature-monitored vending machines that provide fresh foods too.  

As the vending machine is featured with automatic temperature adjustments, the vending machine will also supply fresh foods like milk, bread, meat etc.  

Essentials and Stationery Vending Machine 

The essential and Stationery Vending machine differ from the need and purpose of the user. The stationeries like papers, cards, books, notepads and others are usually preferred by educational institutions, working spaces, factories, court premises etc.  

The essentials Vending Machine supplies sanitary pads, hygiene needs, face masks and sanitizers etc. The essential Vending Machine is preferred by hospital premises, public places, and metro and railway stations that see many people daily, including kids and the elderly.  

Miscellaneous Vending Machine  

Miscellaneous Vending machines can be customized to serve users of a particular place and particular needs, from health products to food, Stationery and drinks.  


Some of the Vending Machines can be differentiated with the payment methods.  

Traditional Vending Machines require cash and traditional payment methods. They are usually used in public places targeting every user and are also convenient to people who carry cash and are unaware of modern payment methods.  

The smart and cloud management Vending Machines uses online payment methods, track purchase behaviours and store every data that helps manage the stocks and understand consumer needs.  

Do you still have questions regarding what kind of Vending Machine suits your place to serve convenience and reliability to the users? We are a call away! To know more about the Vending Machines.

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