What is an automatic Vending Machine What are its merits and demerits

What is an automatic Vending Machine? What are its merits and demerits?

You forgot your snack box today and thought of having it in something nearby the office or your institution, and the campus is wide and vast. Have you faced this inconvenience in your workplaces or hostels where you go to a nearby Chai ki Tapri, a juice corner, or a Junk food shop to fill your extreme hunger, and there already is a big queue? Also, do you realize it is not a healthy option but increases your calories?  

Here is everything you need to know about Automatic Vending Machines specially made to store edible things and create convenience for people without worrying about time and calories.   

What is an Automatic Vending Machine?  

An automatic Vending machine is a programmed device that stores items like food, snack, beverages, etc., depending upon the preferences, and delivers it to the person with a few taps and currency exchange without any human intervention.  

Automatic Vending Machine is programmed according to all the possible human transactions w.r.t items present in the machine. A person can directly operate the machine and select the type of goods he needs. It can consist of snacks, Packed juice, water, and anything that a vending machine has already stored in it; pay for the item he had selected through currency exchange (cash) cards or rechargeable smart cards.  

Such Automatic Vending Machines are usually placed in public spaces, corporate or big office spaces to fulfill the needs of humans without waiting for others to be present 24/7.  

The merits of Automatic Vending Machine  

Convenient: Automatic vending machines are popular because they are convenient and reliable. These auto vending machines are famous among corporate spaces as they give the employees convenience of having a snack or beverage anytime, just going to a nearby vending machine.  

These machines are usually preferred by big working houses, tech parks, student hostels, co-working spaces, and corporate houses where the campus covers larger acres and where the employees need to travel 1- or 2 kilometers during coffee and leisure breaks.  

Easy to use: The automatic vending machine is programmed to all possible human queries and needs no extra effort but a few clicks and taps. If the person makes a transaction with cash, the auto vending machine captures the amount and gives you back the exact cash. One can also use it easily with smart cards, the same way we use them in supermarkets or metro stations. The smart cards are easy to self-recharge.  

24/7 availability: The primary purpose of the automatic vending machines was to serve the consumers around the clock. Serving the consumers whenever needed is effective and requires no extra staff to take care of the vending machine, unlike the store or the stalls that need it. Automatic Vending Machines give you reliability and dependency at any time. It is helpful for the employees at night shifts and students who study late at night.  

An initiative for healthy snacking: Many corporate spaces, MNCs, and large working spaces are opting for an automatic vending machine and are encouraging the employees to do healthy snacking by opting to store nutritious snacks and beverages in the vending machine. These automatic vending machines make the concept of self-help and healthy munching possible to prevent employees from going to Junk stores during their coffee breaks and leisure hours.  

The demerits of Automatic Vending Machine  

Frequent restocking: The stocks need to be carefully restocked. Sometimes non-usability during long holidays or any left items that are left without notice can be a problem if the consumer receives the same item. It creates a dubious situation regarding the quality of the product. Since automatic vending machines have a limited capacity, One must refill stocks frequently.  

Users do not get the item to touch or see before they purchase it: The consumers do not get to see the item in hand. Although they can watch it from the display and an opaque door is given for the automatic vending machine, they cannot hold it in hand until they complete the transaction and receive the item.   

Varying prices: Since the automatic vending machine do not involve human intervention and are entirely automated, the cost of the items may vary slightly according to the market price as they are available at convenience. 


An automatic Vending Machine is preferable used by corporate companies, giant working spaces, and co-working offices to meet the basic hunger needs of employees irrespective of timings. It is also a great initiative that depicts supportive work culture and boosts employee well-being. Look no further and bring an Automatic Vending Machine to your working space. Happy and satisfied employees are all we need that yields exceptional productivity.  

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